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Dani’s Sewing Must-Have’s

With the right tools in your sewing room you can have an easy, fun and pleasant sewing experience.  Using the wrong tool for the job would be like hammering a nail with pliers – you could do it but it would be harder and take longer.

With this post I don’t want to overwhelm anyone!  If you’re serious about sewing I highly recommend acquiring these things over time.  It took me many years to get to this point.  To cut down on costs, sign-up for coupons from your local sewing store.  I get 50%-off coupons from JoAnn Fabrics through the mail, e-mail and on my phone through their app.

Let’s start with the big things

You need a place for a sturdy table (that doesn’t bounce around when sewing) and something to organize your sewing stuff (fabric, thread, scissors, etc).  – it doesn’t need to be a whole room but just a corner in a room will do.  Also, you need good lighting!
You need an iron and ironing board.  You really can’t sew without these things and most everyone should already have them.  I iron a lot so I splurged on a WIDE ironing board and it makes the biggest difference!
Invest in a machine you will be happy with, after all this is your MAIN sewing tool!  Some people have sewing machines they are not happy with.  If you are not happy with your machine you won’t enjoy sewing.  If you’re serious about sewing spend a little extra on your machine.  If well taken care of it should last you MANY years!  Any low-end model machines are a no-no!  If you want a brand new machine try and find a used, higher-end machine.  I prefer older machines (you may already know).

Okay, now onto the smaller things
A large cutting matt and rotary cutter.  With that you’ll need a yard stick and clear quilter’s ruler.
A magnetic pin catcher and bobbin holder.  Have your pins ever spilled all over the floor?  The magnetic picks them right up!  I LOVE these bobbin savers.  I have 4 different types of bobbins and these holders keep them from getting loose and from rolling around.
I use large cones of thread because I don’t like spending so much money on little spools of thread.  This metal thread stand is a must-have for me!
-From left to right-
(Don’t underestimate these little tools – they are key for me!)
Mark-b-gone fabric marker.  I lost mine the other day and I was frantic to find it.  There are some things I do that I cannot do without this marker.  It comes off your fabric with a damp cloth and they’re making new types that erase an hour or so just being exposed to air.  Fabric chalk marking tools…  I found that I like these Clover Chalk Pens the best.  They have a little wheel in the tip that when rubbed on your fabric distributes a fine line of chalk, and they’re refillable (the blue doesn’t come off fabric very easy but the white does).  If you use a rotary cutter, this Dritz rotary blade sharpener will save you money over time from not needing to buy new blades as often.  This Dritz loop turner is essential if you are turning thin straps right-side out.  Last but not least this Dritz bobkin pulls elastic through casings with much ease – or you can do it the old fashioned way with a safety-pin.

Now I want to know, what is YOUR essential sewing tool?

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    Seam ripper! A good pair of scissors.

    October 25, 2013 at 11:58 am
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