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Easy DIY Decorative Christmas Sign

We decorated early for Christmas this year and it’s been so fun – we all need some Christmas cheer, right!? I made this easy decorative wall/door sign/decoration and thought I’d share.

What you’ll need:

-Circle or wooden plaque of some sort (it doesn’t need to be round) – any size you want of course!

-Cricut machine or you can paint your letters on!

-Paint and/or clear coat of your choice – or keep the wood raw!

-Twine for hanging

-Artificial Greenery


-Hot glue

Gather all your supplies and let’s get started!

Prepare your wood plaque/circle to the size you want, sand smooth. Paint a few coats of paint if you wish. I used Chalk Paint and sanded on the final coat to make it silky smooth.

Cut out lettering on a Vinyl machine (or freehand paint them on) and transfer to your wood.

I thinned out some Modge Podge with water to paint over my entire plaque. I liked the look and feel of the chalk paint but it needed to be protected, and the Modge Podge also adheres the vinyl better to the paint.

Attach your twin loop at the top of your plaque with a generous amount of hot glue (it should be covered with the greenery).

Glue down your first layer of greenery…

…and a second layer of greenery if you wish. Make a bow out of ribbon and seal the edges with a flame. Glue along the back and stick it on over your greenery ends.

Wasn’t that easy!?


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