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DIY Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Picture showing boys wearing face masks in different sizes
From left to right:
Black mask (size medium) on 13-year-old, black/white mask (size small) on 11-year-old, red mask (size x-small) on 4-year-old, and leopard mask (size small) on 8-year-old.

Protect your family with these DIY fitted face masks! I made several prototypes and tweaked them here and there to get the fit and design just right. The pattern is finished and I’m offering it on Etsy – you can get 50% off by using coupon code COVID19 through the end of March. You can download it immediately after purchasing and print at home.

The pattern has FOUR sizes for the best fit:

  • x-small: Child, 3-7 years-old
  • small: Kid & Pre-Teen, 7-12 years-old
  • medium: Adult (Woman) & Teenager
  • large: Adult (Man)
x-small sized face mask
– this little guy is 4-years-old and wearing the x-small size –

I wanted to ensure there weren’t openings for airflow around the mask like all the other patterns I tried. After all, if air is getting in around the mask it’s not being filtered. Another problem with other masks is there IS no filtration, just a few layers of cotton (which is only about 60-70% affective).

Showing filter fabric - Polypropylene

This pattern gives instructions for using Polypropylene inside which is what actual surgical masks are made from, and it’s most likely available at your local craft store.

Showing inside filtration

There’s also a pocket for adding an additional 4th layer of filtration that can be removable.

Showing metal nose bridge

There’s a metal strip in the bridge of the nose to avoid gaps and it also helps the mask sit on your nose nicely.

Cotton Face Mask - Front View
– wearing medium-sized mask –

One important thing to note is that the elastics go around the back of the head and not the ears which makes these very comfortable to wear. My husband wears masks for work that go behind his ears and he says after 20 minutes his ears are in pain from the slightest pressure that the elastics create.

Machine was cold/warm and tumble dry low.

Visit Etsy and get started on your masks – it only takes about 30 minutes to sew each one!

Stay happy and healthy!

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