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DIY Nail & String Art Tutorial

Nail & string art is simple! The hardest part might be deciding what design you want to make.
 These would make easy/inexpensive gifts or a fun project to do with the kids!
A leather rope on this ‘A’ make for an easy way to hang!
I added a leather strap embellishment on this horse to make it more interesting.
Prepared Board (no less than 1/2″-thick)
1/2-3/4″ wire nails
Crochet Thread
Printout of Design (scaled to size you want)
Embellishments?  Hanging strap?
Awl (or similar object) for marking nail placement
 Cutout the image you want.
(I’ll have the images I used at the end for you to download)
 Hold your imagine in place as you use your awl to press the wood around your image – about every 1/4 inch or so but it really depends on how much detail you have.
 Hammer nails into imprint.  Other people hammer nails right over their image but the paper cleanup must be a pain.  I like hammering into the imprints because they help you get your nail right where you want it!
 I used a ruler to space the border nails on the horse plaque.
 Tie off your string and start zig-zagging through your design.
 Come back and zig-zag in the other direction.
 Add more fullness if you want by going back with longer zig-zags in a random fashion.  The very last step is to go around the border of your design by wrapping it around each nail head.
 I did the same techinique with the horse – zig-zagging in both directions, going back with a random affect and then finishing off by going around the border.  Tie string off.
 I cut a strip of leather and hammered it in place with some jean-button tacks I had (thumbtacks would also work)!
I finished the leather strip on the side with a nail.
For the “A” I hammered larger nails in the top corners and tied a leather string onto it.
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