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Dumpster Trash Turned Useful

I saw this chair by the dumpster and knew it had potential.   I mustered over whether or not I should take on another project.  Later that day I went to throw something away and saw it IN the dumpster.  Can you believe someone would throw THIS away!?

Okay, I can believe it.  Look how it’s barely holding onto life. The style is cute, it’s hardwood, and once I turned over the cushion and saw the springs I just had to do something.  Springs in a chair cushion.. amazing!  And yes, I dug this thing out of the dumpster with my shovel.. a little embarrassing but I was determined to save it’s life.

I tightened it up real nice with some screws underneath.

I sanded off all the yucky old finish.

I gave the pliers to Jordan – let’s just say he was entertained for a full 30 minutes trying to get those staples out!

I watered down some paint to give the chair a white-washed look {about a 1:5 ratio}.  I just spread it on with a paper towel.

I recovered the cushion with some cute fabric and a staple gun. Cut off the excess fabric and that’s it!

Who knew, right!?
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  • Reply Kristen A

    Holy dickens! You are amazing! How do you always do this?

    And if I had to do school all over again, I would have ditched the electives I chose and gone with wood class. How awesome is it that you have amazing woodworking skills?

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
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