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Easy “Fix” to Plump Up your Chair Cushions!

 You may remember these chairs and cushions from a previous post where I made new covers.  Although the covers were made to fit just right, I should have gone one step further by adding more upholstery batting to fill in the cover and give the edges a rounder look.  You can see how big of a difference this step makes from the picture.

All you need is your batting ($1.75/yd at my local upholstery store), pray adhesive, upholstery thread and a large needle.
 Lay your cushion over your batting and cut the batting large enough that when pulled up to the edges it will meet in the center.
I took my cushion outside and sprayed all the sides and edges with the adhesive (wear a glove or you’ll have sticky batting on your fingers all day) and laid it over that batting and pressed the batting down on all the edges.  Trim any excess batting.
 For the corners, I realized it’s super easy to trim…
 … just cut off the excess wings!
 Super easy and precise!
**You can trim the batting where the zipper is to avoid it getting stuck in the teeth**
 Sew the seams of the batting together and stuff your cushion back in!
SO much better!
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