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Favorite product of the week – Quick Setting Epoxy

I’ve never used epoxy before but when I saw this at Harbor Freight last week I bought it knowing I’d need eventually!

My 40-dollar ironing board fell and a huge chunk broke off.  I really didn’t want to buy another one so I gave the epoxy a try.  I used two metal braces to glue on the underside to give it a better hold.  I think this joint is stronger than how it was originally!

I have a 139-year-old sewing machine and the wooden case was in BAD shape.  I wish I had a before picture because all the bottom corners weren’t attached at the joints and the wood was so dry and brittle it was splitting all over the place.  I spread the epoxy over the bad areas and used my air compressor to blow it into all of the cracks.  I used a bunch of wood clamps and after 10 minutes everything was back to how it was supposed to be!  I used a few brad nails to reinforce everything.

For $1.99 this stuff has saved me well over $40!

HOW TO USE: Dispense equal parts from both tubes onto a piece of foil or paper. Mix thoroughly for one minutes. Cover one surface completely with glue. Assemble parts and hold together for at least 4 minutes. The joints will support loads after 10-15 minutes. Wait 24 hours for full cured strength.
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