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Favorite tool of the week – Electric Rotary Cutter

I often cut 4 layers of medium to heavy weight fabric at a time and using regular scissors takes a long time, is tedious and can really hurt your hands and give you blisters.

I looked around online for an electric rotary cutter last year.  There are a few out there… some cheap that don’t look like they’ll last, some mediocre and others that looked like they’d hold up for years.
I ended up buying this cutter online from Rowley Company (you need a business Tax ID # to order).  It was just under $100 and I am extremely happy with it!  It cuts through fabric like butter!  Instead of cutting with scissors for 20 minutes it only takes 5 minutes!

It comes with an extra blade, blade sharpener and carbon brushes for the motor.  You can also buy replacement blades really cheap on their website.
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