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Kitchen Hutch Refinished

 We were out driving the other night and I saw this shelf sitting by the curb in the rain.  All I could see is that it was wood and had a lot of character.  My husband helped me load it up and I started work the next day.

It had a bad paint job, really cheap shelf lining and a door that had been ripped off the hinges.

 I had to glue up a lot of the joints…

 …and I added screws to the top and backing boards because the staples were pulling through.  I added new slider feet to the bottom cabinet and felt pads to the bottom of the hutch to protect against scratches.  

I sanded and painted until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I think it paid off!

The new knobs add the finishing touches!

My plan was to sell it but I love it too much (plus it was a lot of work)!  I’m going to use it as a linen organizer by our bathroom.

I love giving new life to something that could have ended up in the landfill.
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