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Make a “Small Plant Garden” / Terrarium

I stumbled upon a blog about building terrariums and I fell in love.  Succulent plants that are used in terrariums are hardy and require very little maintenance which is just what I needed!  Plus I loved the idea of having REAL plants instead of fake ones in my house to add a bit of color.

(photo courtesy of savedbylovedcreations)
Here’s a picture from the blog that inspired me.

 You can use moss in the terrariums and I was researching where to buy it then I realized… “HEY, I live right next to a forest…”  so I took my 3 boys and we went hunting.  We found a lot of moss!

 Next I went around to all my local big box stores and nurseries to get a good selection of plants.  Home Depot surprisingly had the best selection and prices and Wal-Mart had some pretty cacti for good prices, too.

Next was getting all the ingredients!  I found all my glass dishes at the thrift store and the succulent/cactus soil and pea gravel at Home Depot.

 Here’s some that I put together.

 This one is my favorite!

The aloe plant was the easiest to put together and actually looks nicer than I thought as a decoration.

(photo courtesy of Needles + Leaves)
Also, have you heard of propagating?  You can easily grow new plants with a cutting or even a pedal for the “mother” plant!  I couldn’t believe it!

I bought some clippings from Amazon to try my own luck at propagating… we’ll see…
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