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Make your own Keychain (FOB) Wristlet

I made these keychains for friends and family for Christmas and it was a hit!

Cotton webbing (11”-long by 1.25”-wide) 
– Fabric (2×11.5” piece) OR ribbon (5/8”-wide by 11.5”)
Keychain (FOB) hardware; clamp (1.25”-wide) & split ring

– Sewing Machine
– Fabric turner or safety pin
– Pliers

(If using ribbon skip to STEP 2)
 Fold your fabric strip in half with right sides together.  Sew a ¼” seam down the long side.
Turn fabric strip right side out with your fabric turner or safety pin.

Flatten your fabric strip with seam edge pulled out to one side.  Iron.


Center your fabric strip or ribbon on webbing.  Carefully stitch down one side (close to the edge) of your fabric or ribbon.  Stitch on the other side.

 Trim off any excess fabric or ribbon that may be hanging off the ends.

Fold your webbing in half with raw ends even.  Stitch* ends together ¼” from raw edges just over the fabric or ribbon (you don’t need to go across the WHOLE webbing).
*To keep ends from shifting, start sewing in the MIDDLE and reverse stitch/forward stitch until you have about 1”-wide of stitches.

 Grasp clamp with pliers so that pliers are holding on the back-straight edge of clamp.
*If you don’t have a set of glass pliers with wide rubber tips (most likely not), you can use regular pliers but you’ll want to put something long, flat & skinny (like popsicle sticks) between your metal clamp and pliers to prevent pliers from making crimp marks on your metal hardware.

Center raw ends of webbing into the clamp and push webbing in as far back as you can and slowly close pliers.
TIP: It’s easy to close your clamp over your webbing crooked – be careful and don’t rush!

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