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I’ve been taking over my family blog for too long with posts about all my projects.  It’s about time I introduce to you The Project Lady blog!

My husband often teases me when he sees me starting a new project by saying, “busy, busy, busy!”.  I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t stop myself from taking on projects… any project really!

Why a blog?  Simply put… If *I* can do it, *you* can do it!  I’m a 26-year old stay-at-home mom who most people mistake to be 16-years old. I am a tomboy at heart and enjoy the satisfaction of creating and building.  Whether it’s sewing a super-hero cape or building a wood shelf… making things with your own hands is empowering and a confidence builder.  I want to show you what *I* do and how to do it in the hopes that it will motivate *you* to try it yourself!

A little more about me…

I grew up sewing and have been doing it for 20 years now. I’ve been teaching group sewing classes for the last 5 years. The majority of my students are young mothers. I design and sell my own sewing patterns on Etsy ( I have another Etsy shop ( where I make and sell baby carriers. Surround me with fabric and sewing machines and I will be in heaven.

Growing up my dad built our house. I was always fascinated with tools and building. In Middle School I bought my own toolbox and filled it with tools which I used on a regular basis. My favorite class in High School was woodworking. I now have enough tools to do basic projects and thoroughly enjoy building furniture and decorations for my home.  I recently taught 2 classes of 8 women on how to build a storage chest out of wood and use the necessary tools to do so.  It was a hit!

I’ve found my new joy in refurbishing & repairing machines and their cabinets.  This is a perfect combination of sewing and woodworking! Old sewing machines are my obsession and getting them into working condition and into a home where it will get used is so rewarding for me!  The only problem is that I get attached to machines and it’s hard to let them go! Eek!
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