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NEW Shop Tool!

Guess what I’m sitting on!?  A new lathe! *insert screams*

If you know me at all, you know I restored an old Walker Turner lathe in 2017 so I’m sure you’re thinking “WHY would she sell it!?”

It was a hard decision, believe me (I cried the day I cleaned it up to prepare for the new owner).

Things that bothered me was the noise, awkwardness of adjusting the tool rest, banjo and speed.  Bigger things like the spindle size not being standard so accessories were impossible to come by and the tailstock not pushing the live center/drill chuck out of the quill when it was completely drawn in.  I also considered the swing capacity… it just wasn’t going to work for the size of bowls I want to be able to turn down the road.

All things considered she treated me very well, was well built/sturdy and is definitely an eye catcher – had to take one last selfie with the old gal.

After the new owner drove away with the Walker Turner my whole family (mom and dad included) loaded up and drove straight to Woodcraft to pick up my new best friend.

The giddiness started way before this moment.

I did some research and was set on getting a Laguna Revo 1836.  My husband and dad had it all set up within an hour of getting it home.  Plugging it in for the first time was amazing – I couldn’t wait to hear how quiet and smooth the motor was – and boy is it smooth.  We’re going to have a good time together.

I still haven’t decided on a name… Betsy?  Bertha?  Bob?  What do you think?


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