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No more chickens!

 We sold our chickens!  I’m sure it’s hard to believe if you’ve followed my recent posts!  It came down to the amount of work and money we were putting into them without much of a payoff (I still had to buy eggs to supplement what we were getting).

 It felt so good to get the coop to the front of the house.  The buyers purchased everything as a package deal; coop, run, feed bin, fencing, chickens, etc.

Here’s some pictures just for fun:

(My son feeding the chickens with a box on his head, haha!)

 They sold a total of 3 dozen eggs over a few months (we hardly ever had any to spare)!

 My youngest son LOVED to sneak out of the house and walk down to see the chickens.

I’m officially no longer “the chicken lady” and I have no regrets going through the motions of having chickens.  It was a good experience and I think we’ll probably have chickens again in the future when they can be 100% free range and forage more for their food.

Do you know what’s really exciting!?  My husband let me have some of the money from selling them so I could buy some woodshop tools I’ve really been wanting.  Consequently, the next post or two will be about my new tools – lucky you!
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