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Pattern Review – Pencil Case

I haven’t done a pattern review in a long time! With school now in session these pencil cases are a perfect project!

I saw this pattern on and I thought it looked really cool and had to try it! Pretty soon all my kids were wanting their own 🙂

This is an automatic download that you print at home.

SKILL LEVEL: In my opinion, this pattern is best for an intermediate+ seamstress because of the zipper, binding, and especially attaching the front/bottom to the main pencil case.

THINGS TO KNOW: Not much, other than being patient and taking your time is key to have a nice product in the end.

TIPS: You’ll definitely want to baste the bottom edge of the pencil case before trying to attach the front/bottom piece – a simple whip stitch will do!

The last step, attaching the front/bottom to the pencil case, can be intimidating because it’s a little awkward to sew and there’s several thick layers. Having Clover Clips work wonders for stuff like this! Just take it slow!

WHAT I DID DIFFERENTLY: I followed the directions exactly, I didn’t see a nee to change anything.


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