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Pattern Review – Simplicity 2258

I saw this pattern and loved the idea of the waist tie and pockets, plus it had an elastic waist (which I’m usually not a fan of but I’ve had horrible luck getting fitted skirts to fit just right).

SKILL LEVEL:  A beginner can totally make these!  This was definitely the easiest skirt I’ve made using a pattern.

THINGS TO KNOW: There’s nothing that really stands out.  You will learn a lot of new things, such as inserting an elastic waist band, making pockets and sewing lace/trim if you wish.

TIPS: Make your skirt a few inches longer than what you think you want it to be, that way you can actually try it on before making the final hem.  Measure twice, cut once!

WHAT I DID DIFFERENTLY:  I made a combination of skirts B & C.  I liked the length and lace on skirt B but I liked the waist tie and no side-slits on skirt c.  I also added a lining so I didn’t have to wear a slip; it looks and feels more professional that it would without the lining and only costs a few dollars more.  I also used the lining fabric for the pockets so they stood out.

I love how this skirt turned out and I feel girlie in it.  It’s easy to make and super easy to customize to what you want.  If you don’t want pockets or the waist tie then don’t; if you want to add length or trim on the bottom, go ahead!  The possibilities are endless!

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