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Pegasus EXT 3216 Industrial 5 Thread Overlocker

I’m lucky enough to have found this Pegasus industrial overlocker on Craigslist last month. It’s been one of my greatest finds!

There’s not much (if any) info online about this machine besides the basic description on the Pegasus website. I decided to write about this machine to help anyone who is looking for more details on these EXT machines.

This machine in particular is the EXT 3216 -03/233 model. This machine has 5 threads which includes a safety/chain stitch. It’s meant for medium to heavy weight fabric.

It has variable top feed, meaning it has a ‘feed dog’ on the topside of the fabric which pulls your fabric through really well. You can see this feeding mechanism in the video above (located within the presser foot). You adjust this feed with the dial that’s located on the top-right of the machine.

There’s also two “tanks” on the machine that hold liquid silicone which prevents breaking of thread and needles becoming too hot.

These machines are lubricated fully automatic – no messy oil pans full of oil!

These machines are a high-class machine that sell for $1,500 used.

When I got this machine it was clearly neglected.

Unfortunately I forgot to take “before” pictures of the machine, so these are what I have of the table. It wasn’t pretty. The table also didn’t match the shape of the machine, either.

I decided to make my own table top out of two layers of 3/4″ plywood. I love the difference it makes, and the opening is tighter to the machine. My favorite part is the piano hinge that allows the table to hinge open to access the machine.

I emptied the old oil, which came out with a yellow tint. There was a TON of oil – I’m pretty sure it was over filled.

Once the oil is emptied I could take the bottom oil pan off. There was a bunch of gray sludge in the bottom we wiped out.

Next I replaced the oil filter that’s in the back of the machine. You can see the difference here between the new (left) and old (right).

Here’s the new one in place, then it gets covered by a metal plate.

I added a full 28 oz bottle of white sewing machine oil – it filled the tank perfectly!

You’ll know you have the proper amount of oil when the line hits between the two red lines in the viewing window.

Next I bought a new sheet of 3/16″ wool felt to make a new thread guide and bought some new silicone. The felt pad acts as a wick for the silicone which lubricates the thread.

There’s another “tub” for silicone inside the machine here.

Here’s what I bought for the machine, luckily nothing is hard to come by!

These are the knives the machine takes. Upper is 201121A – lower is 202295.

The machine takes B 27 needles. They’re shorter than your average needle.

I made a wooden pedal to lift the presser foot. You can buy metal ones for $10 on eBay.

I switched out the clutch motor for a servo motor – soooo much better!

I made a little scrap bag that attaches to the table. Here’s instructions on how to make one (the machine didn’t have any metal that the magnets would stick to so I used velcro nailed to the table instead).

I love this machine so much!

Here’s a video I put together:

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