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How-to Re-attach Motor

Congratulations!  Your motor has arrived and your ready to put it back on your machine!
Clean your hand wheel parts – I recommend using a bit of WD-40 on a rag.  
 You’ll want a large size flathead screwdriver that fits the bolts that are for attaching the motor (to prevent slipping/stripping the bolts).
 Slide your motor onto the post and hold in place while screw bolts on – have them loose at first until both are in and then tighten as tight as you can (without risking stripping).
 Have motor wires along the back of bracket like above picture.  If your terminal is screwed onto your machine – unscrew now.
 Unscrew the red (#3) and black (#2) caps.  You’ll want to put your motor wires on the corresponding colored posts but first you want to remove the wire that is already on the red post (this wire is for the light switch in case you were wondering).  TIP: If there are any copper washers keep track of them and you’ll put them back how they are now later on.
 There, now your motor wires are on – red on red and black on black.
 Put the light switch wire back on the red post.  If you had a copper washer sitting on top of the light switch wire put it back now.
 Screw the caps back on the posts.  Tighten these as much as you can to ensure the wires have good contact together.
 Screw terminal back to machine (it doesn’t need to be too tight).
 Plug your machine in to test that the motor is running and hooked up correctly.
 Attach your hand wheel to post and press in as far as it will go – wiggle back/forth as you do.
 Your black washer should have been marked to match up with the post.
 It should look like this.
 Hold the black washer in place as you screw the silver knob into place. Once tight, you can screw the small screw on (this doesn’t need to be too tight – it’s just a little stopper when you release this knob for winding a bobbin).
Congratulations – you did it!
Your machine is ready for many years of loyal service (and will be safe to use)!