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Rusty Bike “Fix-Up”

I’ve been wanting a nice bike for so long.  The one I used to have was not cute and the breaks and gears weren’t functioning properly.. plus it was getting rusty (not the cute kind of rust).  Can you tell “cute” is important to me?

Our neighbor/friend had this bike sitting outside the front of his house.  The first time I saw it I had to take a double-look.  My first thought was, “wow, that is a COOL bike!”  The more I saw it the more I thought about it.  Some people would say the rust looks bad but I loved it.  It was original and old looking.  I loved the whitewall tires, the cruiser style, the big cushy seat and it was simple with pedal breaks or no gears.

I was jealous.  I wanted it.

Turns out someone told him just how much I wanted it, like, REALLY wanted it.  He told me he would give it to me.  One morning the kids said, “Mom!  He left you the bike!”

There it was… parked right in front of my house.  I wanted to cry I was so happy!


The rust was really rough and bumpy… so bad it would scratch you if you rubbed up against it.  I wanted to preserve the rust but also stop it from rusting more (or there wouldn’t be anything left after a few years)!  I decided to sand it down smooth so I could put a protective clear coat on it.  It was s dirty-tedious job but it paid off.  I did about 3 coats of Rust-o-leum clear spray paint and it makes the world of a difference.  The only other thing I did was put new reflectors on and grease it up.


I’m so lucky!
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