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Singer Sewing Machine Bases for Sale

– I won’t be making any in the near future as I have projects demanding my attention currently – SORRY! –
Back by popular demand!
These solid-wood sewing machine bases are perfect for VINTAGE ‘Full-Sized’ Singer Sewing Machines, such as:
15, 66, 127, 201, 306, 319, 320, 401 and 411 models
(full-sized machine beds measure 14.6″ x 6.96″)
Why would you want a base?
Because these Vintage Singer Machines were designed to be stored and used inside cabinets they aren’t ideal to sit directly on top of a tabletop because of their metal legs and exposed gears underneath.  These bases allow you to use without the bulkiness of a cabinet, add stability to the machine, protect your table top and dampen the noise of the machine while running.

 I have several colors available that will be individually listed below.  There are 2 options – with cubby or without.  The cubbies are great for storing the foot pedal or machine attachments and add 4″ to the length of the base.

The bases are constructed from high-quality pine with through dovetail joints for durability and sealed with 2 coats of Polyurethane finish.
The bases have original cabinet hinges.

 A swing-over tab keeps the machine against the base when being moved.  There are corner braces on the front-end of the bases which is where the bed of the machine rests on the base – braces also add durability.

If you would like to purchase a base:

1) send Paypal payment to
2) include the base description & your mailing address in the message box

-Allow up to a 10 day delivery time within the United States-

Small bases are $85 and large bases $98 (includes shipping).

Weathered Driftwood – No Cubby (Small)
Price = $85
Status: SOLD







Antique Brown – No Cubby (Small)
Price = $85
Status: SOLD







Chestnut Brown – No Cubby (Small)
Price = $85
Status: SOLD






Mahogany Brown – No Cubby (Small)
Price = $85
Status: SOLD






Chestnut Brown – with Side Cubby (Large)
Price = $98
Status: SOLD







Sun-bleached Brown – with Side Cubby (Large)
Price = $98
Status: SOLD