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Make Your Own Sock Game

Make Your Own Sock Game -

Looking for a fun and easy game to play? We got this idea after seeing a new game like it for sale at our local toy store.  The best part about this game is that you probably already have everything around the house you need (and even finding the items is fun for kids)!

What IS the sock game?  You have 2 socks with the same items inside and each person tries to find their piece first – it’s harder than you think!

What you need:

-2 identical socks

-30 pairs of small identical items *please note these small items are a choking hazard for small children*

-spinner board (print template)

Gather your small items around the house- it can be anything but try to keep them around the same size.

Make Your Own Sock Game -

Once you have your items you can make your spinner board from the downloadable template.  My 12-year-old did the artwork while I went to work making the spinning arrow.  I cut out a thin piece of wood on my bandsaw but you could use thin cardboard (cereal box), plastic, etc.  I used a washer underneath to elevate and help it spin better (you could make your own ‘washers’ out of plastic (milk jug?), etc.

Make Your Own Sock Game - theprojectlady.comAdd your items to each sock and start playing and set some rules, such as: No hands in sock until the item is selected, only one hand in the sock at a time, you can only pull one item out at a time, if you pull out the wrong item the other team automatically gets the point, first team to a “x” amount of points wins, etc.

You can design variations to the game, such as: relay race (example: if 2 teams of 3 – spin 3 times and write down the items to be found – once the first person has found their item they pass the sock to the other person until all items are found).  You could balance on one foot, walk in a circle or use your non-dominant hand while searching.

Make Your Own Sock Game - theprojectlady.comSpin and have fun!

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  • Reply Tom

    Hey Dani. The printable template link seems to be broken. Is it still available?

    March 27, 2020 at 2:24 pm
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