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Staples Wax – I hope I like it!

If you know me – sometimes I go a little overboard and buy things in bulk (to save money in the long run).

 Look what just got dropped off at my doorstep!  A HUGE container of wax!  Part of me wonders how long it will take me to use this whole thing (probably 10 years!?) and another part wonders how much I’ll even like it!

Many people use wax OVER another finish to buff to a shine and as an extra barrier, but I’m going to see how I like it just by itself.

I started looking into waxes because I haven’t found a furniture finish I’m completely happy with.  I really don’t like brushing finishes on because it’s tedious and you get a lot of drips if you aren’t careful.  Although spraying finishes on is fast and easy I drag my feet when it comes to getting the sprayer out and setting it up (and cleanup isn’t fun).

Wax isn’t a long-lasting finish (you need to re-apply as needed) and it won’t protect from water (so it isn’t always ideal) but who knows, I just might like it!  

I researched several waxes but it always came back to Staples Clear Wax (AKA “bowling alley wax”) for me.

Along with the clear I got a smaller size in dark brown.

In my wood shop class last year I was really struggling to push some rough Ash lumber through the jointer. My fingers couldn’t get a good grip on the wood with all the force I was using to push it through; once I rubbed some wax on the table/fence it went through like butter!  It also protects your machinery tops from rust!

UPDATE: June 28th, 2016

 This is what the clear wax looks like.  It has a smell to it – not overpowering but you may want to open some windows.

I rubbed it over the table I just refinished to protect it from my lovely kids.  It was easy to wipe on, dry and buff out.  It gave my table a really silky feel which I love with a bit more shine.  It makes clean-up a breeze since it’s messes don’t stick!

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