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Tutorial for Making a Faux Fur Ear Warmer

I have a confession.  I was watching The Bachelor on TV the other day.  In a 3 second clip I saw one of the girls wearing a cute fur ear warmer.  I had to have one!  There have been so many time this winter I thought my ears were going to freeze off!

(You’ll feel pretty sassy wearing your ear warmer…. okay, maybe I was having a little too much fun taking pictures!)

It even looks cute from the back!

Project Time:
About 30 minutes

Shopping List: 
1/8 yard blizzard fleece
1/8 yard faux fur (I used ‘Brown Mink’ from Joann’s and it is super soft!)
4-inch piece of 3″-wide elastic (make sure it the soft and flexible kind)
tape measure

I measured my head wrong so my first ear warmer sample was 1″ smaller in diameter than my head measurement and after 3 hours of wearing it my ears were aching from being pressed down.  Make sure to measure your head properly and cut/sew your headband pieces so that the finished product will be the same size (or slightly smaller) than your actual head.

How to measure: Use your tape measure and measure around your head from the base of your head, over your ears to the center of your forehead; minus 3-inches from your measurement for the elastic and add 1-inch for seam allowances.  (your measurement) – 3 + 1 = ‘x’

My head measures 23-inches around so I cut my fabric to 21-inches.

-Cut* your fleece and fur (‘x’ by 4-1/2-inches).  My fabrics had a slight stretch running from selvage end to selvage end so I cut my pieces running along the length of the stretch.  TIP:  To save you time and headache, put the right sides of your fleece and fur together and cut* them together and don’t move them!

Lift up your top piece of fabric on one side and place your elastic piece in, centered over fabrics with raw edges even (in the pictures I have it extending slightly past the edge so it is obvious in my tutorial where it is). 

 With right sides together pin around all the edges.  IMPORTANT: With the nap of the fur your pieces will slip all over the place when you sew so you need to put more pins in than you’d think you’d need.

 Sew around all your sides with a 1/2″ seams leaving the small end open opposite to the end with elastic (see pic below).

 Make sure to reverse stitch where you start and end on the opening.

 Trim off excess from your seams and corners.

Turn right side out by grabbing the end of the elastic inside and pulling it out.  If your fur is stuck inside the seam like mine you can scrap a pin along it to pull it out.

 Turn your open end inside 1/2″ and put the other end of the elastic inside 1/2″.  Pin everything in place.

Topstitch around your ear warmer close to the edge (about 1/8″) starting over your opening to stitch it closed.  I topstitch on the fleece side so I can see what I’m doing…

 … and make sure when you’re topstitching that your seam is pulled out right to the edge and isn’t tucked inside.

FINISHED!  How easy was that?!

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