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DIY Tutorial – Easy iPad Mount for Car Headrest

I remembered the day before we were to go on a road trip to the Smokey Mountains last week that our plastic iPad mount was broken.  I got supplies together I had on-hand and came up with an easy, yet very effective headrest mount that I’d like to share with you (so you can make one too)!

It’s solid, stays put and we didn’t even notice it was on the headrest while driving.  The bluetooth speaker is held in place underneath with elastic loops – totally optional!

The design is simple – it has a strap that goes around the top/bottom of headrest and Velcros in place.

I used leather, 1/4″-wide elastic, velcro and 1-1/2″-wide strapping (came off an old carseat that had 2 slides I was able to use as well).   Best part of this project – it took only 30 minutes to make and was super easy!

-wonder clips (leather and pins don’t mix)
-spray adhesive
-masking tape
-rotary cutter for cutting leather
-leather needle + machine that can go through leather*

*If your machine isn’t suitable for going through 3 layers of leather, use a sturdy vinyl instead!

I didn’t measure much with this project, just used the iPad and tested on headrest as I went to ensure everything would work and look good – I hope you can do the same!

Cut 2 layers of leather that are 1/2″ bigger than your iPad on each side (I think my leather pieces ended up being 8-1/2″ x 10-1/2″).  Cut a 3-inch x 3-inch square, cut across 2 corners diagonally to create the corner pockets.

If you don’t have slides that fit your strapping, it isn’t necessary – I happened to have them and liked the idea of the iPad mount being held across the long sides more broadly.  If you have slides, you’ll cut 2 pieces of strapping about 8-inches long and pin them in place like picture, with webbing angle as wide as possible.  Another long piece of strapping will be sewn in place on other end of one of the slides (I didn’t measure but mine was probably 24-inches long… keep longer than you think and you can trim later after test fit).

If you don’t have slides, you’ll simply have a strap on each long edge of mount with Velcro to hold in place.

Sew triangles over the tops of strapping to hold in place.  TIP: a zipper foot allows you to get as close to the buckle as possible.  Sew extra length of strapping on one of the slides (this will be the one sewn onto the top of your mount).

Center and tape strappings on long-edges of mount over wrong side of leather (I wanted smooth side of leather on the back, so I taped on the suede side).
If you have a speaker and would like to add elastic loops, center 2 loops on bottom edge the size needed to go around speaker; tape in place.

Spray the wrong side of your second piece of leather and press it down over your first piece so the straps and elastic ends are encased.

For the top corners you will place a piece of elastic across, being 2-1/2″ inward from the corner.  I pulled apart the leather layers slightly to stick the ends of elastic inbetween.  TIP: Have the ends of elastic at least 1/2-inch inside to ensure they get sewn in well.

Clip elastic in place and pocket triangles on the bottom corners.  Test fit your iPad to ensure it fits well.

Mark rounded corners so you have a guide while sewing a topstitch – looks nice to have corners that match the shape of your iPad.
 Sew around all 4 sides with a 1/4″ seam.  TIP: use thick thread and a long stitch to create a nice-durable finish.  After sewing, clip corners round.

Test fit the mount on your headrest to ensure your long strapping is the right length.  I had my bottom strap go underneath and through the handle on the back of the seat where the top strap went through it’s slide… 

…and back up to be Velcro’ed to itself on the very top of the headrest.  Once you get your long strapping so it ends atop or just passed the top of the headrest (thinking of keeping it away from where your hair might get snagged) then you are ready to move onto the next step.

Sew a 3-4″ long piece of Velcro on the end of your piece of strapping (the long length allows the strapping to be somewhat adjustable with how tight/loose it can be attached around headrest).  Ensure the Velcro is on the top-side of the strapping (same side as the face of mount).

Sew your other side of Velcro to the top-side of strapping as well, just passed the slide.


 I love how it turned out – even better than I had hoped!  It was really easy to put the iPad in/out while being in the passenger seat.  The corner pockets hold firmly and the elastic on the corners allows you to pop the iPad in place without any effort.

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