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Pattern Review – Ainsley Baby Boot 670

I saw this pattern on and couldn’t get over how adorable these strappy boots are.  I bought the pattern right away for under $4 and got to work.

(my version – size 1)

SKILL LEVEL:  A beginner can totally make these with a little patience.

THINGS TO KNOW: I followed the seam allowance of 1/4″ but the outer shell and lining pieces didn’t match up very well on the very top edge when I went to sew them together in the last step… you’ll probably want to make your seam allowance that attaches the buckles to the outer shell a little wider so it will be the same size as the lining.  The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is how the sole is super wide.  I did the smallest size (size 1) and the front of the boot looks like a duck-bill because it’s so wide… newborns have really narrow feet and I will definitely change it to be much more narrow if I make these again.

TIPS: The straps are a little tedious to make with all the ironing and top-stitching… take your time on these since they’re the first thing people will see!  I would use a thicker fabric for the sole (like a suede or leather) because they feel/look flimsy.  I decided to just do the same fabric as the whole boot for my first pair because it was for a newborn and I wasn’t worrying about the sole getting worn-out from being walked-in 🙂

WHAT I DID DIFFERENTLY:  The only thing I did differently was how I sewed the velcro onto the straps (see last picture).  I ironed them just like the instructions said to but I sewed the velcro pieces on the straps as I was sewing the top-stitching around the edges.  This not only cuts down on time and frustration of going around all 4 edges, but it looks nicer in my opinion.  Although only 2 sides are sewn, it will be more durable in the long-run because you don’t have backstitching all over the place from sewing them on individually (the threads usually come undone over time from getting pulled on with the velcro).

All-in-all I’m pretty happy with these little boots.  If they were more narrow on the sole and I the sole was thicker I’d be thrilled.  I can’t wait to find a baby to try them on!

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