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Thrift Store Finds!

We have a local Kiwani’s thrift store in Ann Arbor that is only open on Saturday’s from 9am-Noon.  They almost always have 5+ older sewing machines but not usually ones that I’m interested in enough to buy.  We stopped really quick so I could run inside to check out the machines.  There was an old black Singer that caught my eye and the motor tested just fine.  The guy said he’d give it to me for $30 and I asked if he could throw in some attachments and he did!

 Singer Model #15-90.  It’s in pretty good shape!  The exterior looks good except for a few spots and all the gold details are there.  I may need to replace the light and for sure the spool pin on the top.

 Serial # dates it to 1937

Folded down inside the cabinet.

Just last night I started thinking about treadle sewing machines and looked up some videos on YouTube to see exactly how they worked.  It got me excited to have one of my own!  I was worried about how large they are because I’ve only ever seen them in huge, heavy cabinets with the cast iron legs and I don’t have room for something like that.

Of course what I found there was a treadle in a sweet little compact cabinet!  It is a Sears Franklin Treadle made around 1913. The handwheel moved freely and the machine felt smooth.  I asked the guy who worked there if he would take $15 for it.  He said, “Sure, just for you!”  I was so excited!  I didn’t know if it would need a ton of work or if it was missing parts but I was going to take it!

 The top flips open and the machine pops up.

The leather cord that goes from the large wheel underneath to the machine could probably be replaced.  

Look at the bobbin case in my  hand and the funny long bobbins!  I have never seen anything so interesting!  It came with a full box of attachments and a manual!  Everything is in GREAT condition!

Here’s the shuttle (bobbin case) underneath so you can see.  When the machine runs, the arm that the shuttle rests in moves back and forth.

 I didn’t inspect the machine too well while I was in the store but once I got home I realized how truly lucky I was to get this machine!  It looks brand new!  No gummy gears, no grime on the outside, not hardly a scratch and all the finish is bright and shiny!  The mechanics underneath desperately need oil because they are stiff and noisy but that’s easy to fix!

You could call my crazy, but I literally got teary-eyed at home over all the excitement!  HAHAHAHA!  Kevin wasn’t sure what to do with me!  🙂
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  • Reply Britt-Marie

    Wow Great finds! Those are so neat. And they found their way to a good home where they will be taken care of and appreciated.
    My grandma had a treadle I remember her using. Wish I would have gotten it.

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
  • Reply Dani Carby

    I want to keep the treadle.. It's so cool plus I can sew when the power goes out haha!

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
  • Reply Rodriguez family

    Where are you going to put these? Are you going to keep them? I wish I could come play with them with you.

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
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