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How-to Make Clothespin Dolls

My little niece really likes fairy’s and she showed me some she made out of clothespins.  I thought they were so cute that I bought a bunch of supplies so we could make some together.  It turned out to be really fun and they all turned out so cute!
 Me made these, then later made a bunch more with a few prince charmings’.

She had a craft box full of a whole bunch of stuff that we used!

What we used:
Clothespins (got these from Wal-Mart craft section)
Hot glue gun
Needle & thread
Silky Fabrics
Ric Rac Trim
Glitter foam sheet

I decided to make a little tutorial when I got back home for anyone who is curious on how to go about making one yourself.

Meet fairy ‘Arabella’!
 Here are the supplies I used to make her.
For a fluffy skirt cut your fabric to the height you want it on your clothespin.  Take your needle and thread and sew long stitches on the top.
 Bunch fabric up along thread to gather.
 Glue skirt around clothespin, barely overlapping top edges.. just keep spiraling up!
 Continue with a second color if you so desire.
 Next I glued some black trim along the top of the skirt to hide the raw edges.
 Then I laid out feathers I wanted to use for the wings.
 I glued them on the back of the doll so both sides were symmetrical…
 …and finished it off with a big rhinestone to hold the feathers in place better.
 I laid out 8 strands of yarn for the hair.
 I put flue on the top of the head (make sure you don’t put it on the face)…
 …and put the hair on top.
 I made a side ponytail and trimmed the hair to the length I wanted.
 Next 2 little eyes with a permanent marker and glued smaller rhinestones along the bottom of the skirt.
 Desi and I named all her fairies/princesses/queens/kings/princess and put their names on the bottoms so she wouldn’t forget.  “Arabella” means ‘beautiful’ in Dutch!
Finished!  I’m sending this to Desi as a surprise to add to her collection!
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  • Reply Erin McPhie

    Hi Dani! Emily and Katherine miss you!!!! This is adorable. We love to see all the stuff you are doing. Thanks for sharing!

    August 3, 2013 at 3:17 am
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