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Mailbox Makeover

Ever since January when we moved in I’ve been wanting to buy a new mailbox.  The one that came with the house was sun damaged/blotchy and half of the plastic trim was missing.  On top of everything the flag wouldn’t even stay up! 🙂

It occurred to me I could simply spray paint the mailbox and at least make it look a little better rather than buying a new one.  Taking the mailbox off started a whole project after discovering rotting boards underneath (and the top finial) and a closer inspection of the chipping paint and mold growth.

I wish I had a before picture!  Oh well!

Jonah enjoyed helping!  We were outside all day replacing boards, sanding and painting – we had everything back together and ready right in time for the mailman.

Just after finishing the mailbox someone asked me to make one from scratch for them along with a house sign, flag pole and hose hanger!  See how to make those yourself, here.

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