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Tutorial for Making Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fall is such a fun time with all the colors and weather changes!  I wanted to make a decoration for our home and found a few ideas for making pumpkins, particularly from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom Blog.  I added my own spin on things and thought I’d share!

These pumpkins are nice and large and really stand out on a table or shelf.  I love how these turned out and am actually obsessing about how cute they are!

Project Time:
I made all 3 pumpkins in less than 2 hours!

Finished Measurements (approx):
TINY PUMPKIN 5″-wide x 3.5″-tall
GIRTHY PUMPKIN 9″-wide x 7″-tall
TALL PUMPKIN 7″-wide x 9″-tall

Hot Glue Gun
Yard Stick
Large Hand Needle

Material Shopping List (for all 3 pumpkins):
Green felt for leaves
Brown felt for bottoms
2 Toilet Paper Rolls
Crochet Thread
3 sticks pieces (2-4″ long with one flat side)
Hot Glue Sticks
Pattern for leaves and bottoms (LINK)

*For fabric you can use anything from quilters cotton, burlap, corduroy to denim!
HOW MUCH FABRIC? (this is also your cutting guide)
-TINY PUMPKIN needs 16″-wide x 8″-tall
-GIRTHY PUMPKIN needs 30″-wide x 12″-tall
-TALL PUMPKIN needs 20″-wide x 15″-tall

Cut out your fabric using the cutting guide above. Cut out your leaves and bottoms using pattern.

With right sides together, fold fabric pieces in-half across the length and sew open side with a 1/2″ seam.

Use your needle and crochet thread to do long stitches along the entire bottom side.  Cross ends of string over each other (like when you tie your shoe) and pull to cinch.

Tie a double knot then loop strings around to give an extra hold.  I put a dab of hot glue over last knot to ensure it holds.

For the GIRTHY and TALL pumpkin you’ll use a toilet paper rolls in the bottom to add stability, weight and extra fill.  First add a small layer of fiberfill and center your toilet paper roll over that.  Stuff fiberfill evenly all around the toilet paper.

Crumple up a newspaper sheet or two and place in the center and add more fiberfill around that and top off with another good bit of fiberfill.  For the TINY pumpkin I used less than a half-sheet.

Make a long stitch on the top edge with your needle and crochet thread just like you did on the bottom and cinch up tight, tie a double knot.

Instead of wrapping string around like you did for the bottom use your needle and make stitches over the opening a few times in different spots to hold it closed.

Use your twine and wrap it around your pumpkin (kind of like when you wrap a present)… leave at least 6″ of twine on the top!  For this TALL pumpkin I centered my twine on the bottom, came up to the top, to bottom then ended at the top.  If you wanted more sections in your pumpkin start at the top and end at the top.

Put a generous amount of hot glue on the top-center of your pumpkin.  Do more than you think you’ll need because you want it to seep out a little – gives it an extra hold and you’ll wrap your twine around it!

Here I’ve wrapped my twine around the steam and over the hot glue that seeped out.  Leave a little bit on the ends of your twine!

You’ll want to glue your leaf/leaves over the ends of your twine to hold them in place.  I put a generous amount of glue where I want to put the leave and make sure I stick them up against the stem to give the stem extra stability.  TIP: Pinch your leaves in several places next to the stem to give them more character.

Put a generous amount of glue on your bottom circle and center it over the bottom side.  This keeps the twine from moving around and helps protect your furniture from scratches.


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