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Antique a Picture Frame

Antique a picture frame and add ‘studs’ with this Tutorial!
Enjoy crafting at home!  

 I have my mom to thank for showing me how to antique!


 Materials: Picture frame, ruler, pencil, thumb tacks, hammer, paintbrush or roller, paint, wood stain, gloss paint (optional), and sand paper.

Prepare your frame by taking out the board from the back and glass, and un-screwing any hardware from the back.  Unfortunately for me the glass in this frame was glued so I had to cover it when I painted.

Mark a straight line where you want the studs to go (I did 3/4-inch from the inner edge) and 1-inch dashes along that. 

Press the thumb tacks in over your markings.  I used my thumbs for this although it hurt – it ends up being easier than a hammer.  TIP: Keep your hands under the frame so the pressure you put on it doesn’t put any strain on the frame which might cause it to crack or break!

If your son wants to help out – handing the tacks to you one-by-one is fun and safe!  He may want to try and push one in himself!

Once all the tacks are in, lightly tap them with a hammer to push them in flush with the frame.

If you decide you like the frame how it is that’s fine, or you can continue…

Paint your frame with two coats of paint.  You can use any kind or color you’d like!

Once your paint is dry you can rough it up with sand paper.  It’s hard to ruin a perfectly good paint job, but once you get started it looks REALLY cool!  I like to sand over the studs and all the edges I can get to with the sand block. 

Make sure the frame is free of dust.  Apply a generous amount of stain with an old towel or paper towel.

After about 30-60 seconds you can rub it off.  The stain will color the wood where you sanded as well as color the paint to add an old-antiqued look.  Once the frame is dry you can spray on a clear coat or just leave it how it is!

Have fun!

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  • Reply Melanie and Billy Hunter

    You amaze me Dani!! Love this frame idea!

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
  • Reply Rodriguez family

    where do you come up with these ideas? So neat!

    February 28, 2013 at 7:21 am
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