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Cheap & Easy Solution for Hanging Stockings

I found a solution yesterday to a problem I was having.  How were we going to hang our stockings from our first-ever mantle for our first Christmas in our new house!?  If you know me, it certainly couldn’t be expensive and it couldn’t be so-so 🙂

All I have to say is…
plant brackets!  I knew if I spent enough time at Home Depot wondering the isles I would find a solution.  Well, there you have it – outside on a shelf I found these little beauties!  I tested how they held on the edge of the shelf and they balanced perfectly and weren’t going to budge.  I actually bought 6 thinking I would hang each individual stocking from one but after setting up my nativity I worried how my SIX brackets would interfere with everything, not to mention they were overkill with their thickness/weight for holding one stocking. I eventually had an ‘a-ha’ moment!… use 2 brackets with a rod of some sort between (curtain rod, old broomstick.. whatever you have)!

 I actually used a dowel first, but after I had it up I thought I could keep with the rustic look of the nativity and use a stick!  See the difference?  I kind of like both.. not sure what I like better yet.

 What do you like best?

I didn’t even bother screwing the brackets on anywhere – they’re solid!

 For the dowel I used a full 48-incher, sanded the ends and rubbed some Danish Oil on.  Super easy to slip the stocking loops on, too!

For the rustic branch I took a walk through our backyard and saved some wood from rotting on the ground – that makes me feel good!  The branch was too thick for the stockings to slide on so I decided to hammer in some nails.

I love good finds and good solutions, don’t you!?  Did this help?

Interested in the nativity?  See the tutorial here.
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