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Sewing Machines

I’ve been sewing for a long time and I’ve sewn on a bunch of different sewing machines.  I wish I could be happy with just 1 or 2 but I can’t let go of these ones!

Here are my personal machines (my favorites) and I’ll tell you a bit about each.

Pfaff 4872 Coverlock
Anyone who makes clothing MUST have a serger in my opinion.  This is a 5-thread serger so it can do a regular overcast stitch but it also has the option to do the hem you see at the bottom of most knit shirts.  It is electronic which is nice in ways but it was not a factor for me – I just got this for a great deal!  If you’re looking for a serger you don’t need something this fancy – you could do an older metal, regular 4-thread serger just fine.

Pfaff 1222E
This is one of the highest quality machines you could own.  It’s older, all metal exterior with only a few nylon gears inside.  It is a beast.  It will sew through everything, has more than enough stitches, 4-step button hole (which I prefer) and has a bunch of different presser feet (the more the better in my opinion).

Pfaff 1473CD
The CD on this machine stands for ‘creative designer’ which is an embroidery attachment you see in the pictures (I never use it).  I could not live without this machine.  Although my Pfaff 1222E is great in many ways, this machine is a little lighter-duty but not by much and I can do VERY detailed work with this machine.  I will use this machine for working with fine fabrics for blouses and such.  This machine has a bunch of programmed stitches which I never use and has a few types of buttonholes, but I prefer my 1222E for the 4-step buttonholes (I like to have control, lol).

Singer 221 Featherweight
This little machine is a gem.  It is the cutest thing.  I love how portable and small it is, the case and all the accessories it comes with.  If I ever went anywhere to sew I would take this with me.  And even though it’s small it packs some punch with it!  This machine is straight-stitch only.

Singer 201-2
 I have an attachment to this machine because it is the first motor I ever re-wired and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I love this older look.  It’s strong and beefy and has all the cool attachments the featherweight has.  The biggest down-side to this machine is it is straight-stitch only.

“The Triplets”
Ah!  There’s triplets!  Yes, I have THREE Singer 201’s that I have re-wired (need to sell the other 2)!

Franklin Eldridge Treadle Sewing Machine
This is my first treadle machine.  It is in beautiful condition for it’s age. I’m a bit attached to this too because I put a lot of time into refinishing the cabinet.  I don’t really use it but it’s just cool to have and let people try.

Singer 27 Treadle Sewing Machine 
This is my most recent purchase.  It’s an old Singer that I stripped down to the bare metal and refinished the cabinet.  I like this one a little better than my Franklin treadle because it’s different looking and runs a little smoother/quieter.
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    I enjoyed that.. Thanks for your pictures and thoughts.. I just bought a used Pfaff 4872 serger and can't wait to use it. (My first big purchase from Ebay) Wish me luck. 🙂

    December 10, 2013 at 11:25 am
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