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How to Build a Farmhouse Table (Post #6 – Spraying a Protective Finish)

How to spray a protective finish for a Farmhouse Table (Harp Design copycat) -

This post is part of a series of posts for building a table out of raw lumber.  See my original post that introduces the table and all posts for the series – How to Build a Farmhouse Table (Harp Design copycat).

See my previous post about mixing and applying a custom-tinted finish.

In this post I will be showing how and why I used a siphon gun to spray the turned legs.

For this project you will need:

-a spray gun**

-high quality finishing brush

-finish of your choice ( I used is the same finish I mixed up in the previous post)

-painters tape

-drop clothe

-220/320 grit sand paper & 0000 steel wool pads

**While searching for a spray gun I came across the Critter Siphon Gun.  I was definitely skeptical about all the good reviews because it looked way too simple to be *that* good.  It seriously is the best though!

So many good features.  I love that I can use my air compressor with a long hose (my compressor is only 6 gallons too)!  It uses regular mouth mason jars so if I don’t use all of a finish I can put a lid on it and save it on the shelf for next time.  You can have solvents in jars and spray through after each job to make cleanup easier.  Cleanup takes less than a minute – I’ve only had to rinse with warm water and use a pipe cleaner to get up in the siphon tube.  This gun is simple – which can be a good or bad thing depending on how many adjustments you want to be able to make.  You can’t change the pattern of spray – it’s a circle – but you can make that circle bigger or smaller depending on where the nozzle from the siphon tube is in relation to the nozzle where the air comes out.  The other adjustment you can make is the pressure of the air (how much paint comes out and how fast).

I wanted to spray the finish on the turned legs because they are so detailed – it was a lifesaver!  I applied 3 coats of finish on the aprons and legs in about 4-6 hours and that includes dry time and sanding between coats.

How to spray a protective finish for a Farmhouse Table (Harp Design copycat) - theprojectlady.comTape around the threads of your bolt hangers.  Spray one leg at a time and make sure you can move around the whole leg without any obstacles.  I found it best to spray up the entire length of the leg as I moved around.

The oak is so porous that the finish beaded on the surface…

…going over it with a paint brush pushed the finish into the grain and leveled it out.

I used steel wool pads to sand the finish between coats.  The final coat was silky and smooth!

Spraying the apron pieces was just as easy.  I sprayed, brushed finish into pores, let dry, sand, repeat.

Now you’re ready to assemble – can you believe it!?

– click over to the last post where I’ll share all the final details of this project –

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