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Teaching Sewing Lessons

I love sewing, but I might enjoy teaching others how to sew even more!  Being able to teach someone how to create something from a pile of fabric and trims is exciting – you can almost see a boost of confidence when they finish a project.  Everyone needs to have something they feel proud of!

For Stayley’s 8th birthday I gave her some coupons for a few free sewing classes at my house.

She chose to make a bean bag chair.  I got the tutorial from the blog, StarDustShoes.  We went up to my sewing room and she picked out her fabrics and we cut everything out. The tutorial has you make an inside cover and outside cover.  The outside cover has velcro and is removable for washing.  The inside cover holds all the beans and is closed permanently.

Getting all the beans into the cover was quite a challenge and we made some messes.  Stayley said, “I hope I never have to see these beans again!”  We laughed and made jokes about the mess and how much work it was.  Then we decided to give up and vacuum the last ones up.

She said she was hungry so I went and got us a snack to munch on.  I thought it was so hilarious when she reached over to the bowl while she was sewing!

Here’s the last step – sewing the circles over where all the side panels meet on the top and bottom!

 Let’s just say all the boys were jealous, haha!

Now she has a place to sit and read!  Best part… SHE made it!
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