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“New” Jet Jointer and DeWalt Planer – It’s a very Merry Christmas indeed!

I mentioned in my previous post how I had a $400 budget to buy some tools for my shop.  I bought a $150 jointer and all I needed was a planer!  I searched endlessly on Craigslist and even looked at several planers that didn’t make the cut.  I was so grateful when I had first dibs on a beautifully taken care of DeWalt Planer for $400 (I went over budget, lol).  It came with the stand, extension tables and even a Wixey digital depth gauge.

I was so relieved to actually have this tool in my possesion that I called my husband on the road and started crying, haha.  I think I worried him with the crying and he said I shouldn’t call him like that and scare him at work. 😂
Guess what else the guy was selling?  A Jet jointer in great condition that I was drooling over!  I was already thinking about selling the Rockwell jointer I just fixed up so I thought if I could hurry and sell it then I could buy his jointer.

I listed the Rockwell and sold it the SAME day!  Guys were clamoring to buy it and it took me by a huge surprise – one guy was about to drive 2 hours to pick it up but I already had someone on their way.  I kept thinking “am I missing something?”  My only regret was that I should have listed it for more than $400!

 I sent my husband that night to buy the Jet for $500… just $100 more than the Rockwell-I couldn’t believe it!

It sounds and runs amazingly smooth compared to the Rockwell!  I am completely happy!

These are my 3 big shop tools now.  I feel content.  I currently have a bandsaw, drill press and lathe on my list but I’ll need to make and sell a few furniture pieces to get the money.  I also need to clean and organize my side of the garage and get the dust collector hooked up better to the tools.  First things first though – we need more outlets in the garage with higher amperage because the 2 that we have keep tripping!  Grrr!
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    I don't really know what any of that stuff is, except it's for woodwork and looks like so much fun!!! Merry Christmas!

    December 23, 2016 at 8:40 am
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