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What’s something than can make Dani REALLY happy!?

I am super giddy right now.  This truck arrived with something special on it just for me!
FABRIC!  I just love fabric!

Yes, I had to pay for it and the white is a little dirty… but it’s perfect! 

I bet you’re wondering what it is for.  Let me tell you.  Well, I should have prefaced this post by saying it took me a LONG time to decide to order it.  I had planned to close down one of my Etsy shops once I sold off all the product I had in stock (and I am still going to) but I am practically out of strap material for my Mei Tai baby carriers but have nearly a hundred panels pre-cut for the body.  Getting this fabric will prolong the time I have my Etsy shop open but it was a decision I made carefully.  Also, another reason for buying so much fabric is so I can keep my costs down for the group sewing classes I host (the girl’s pay me for the project fabric).

There is about 120 yards of black and 80 yards of white.  EEEEK!!
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