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Do your own Floral Center Pieces on a Budget!

I was asked to make 25 table center pieces for an event.  I had a $200 budget and no experience with flower arrangements.

I hope this post might help someone who needs some ideas!

I figured I’d do 5 different arrangements of doing 5 of each to get the 25.  I knew I didn’t want to do them all the same and also wanted the different groups to be unique and have different vases.

I went to the store and mix-matched flowers for about an hour.   I probably looked like a crazy lady with bunches of flowers all around me and going back and forth down the isle.  The store was closing and I had to decide quick!

Here I am putting together the last minute touches!

 Yes, that’s my kid back there!  

For these roses (well, they look like roses!) I made simple wood boxes with cardboard bottoms with floral foam inside.  I cut the flowers off the main stem and stuck them in.

For the tulips I just had to cut a few inches off the main stem and put them in tall mason jars.  To hide the ugly stem I stuffed moss inside and tied a bow with twine.

For the small pink tulips I found these cool copper vases at the dollar store.  All I had to do was put some floral foam inside and stick them in with a little moss around the edges.

For the big pink flowers (yeah.. I don’t know much about flowers!) I cut them off the main stem and stuck them in some glass applesauce jars.  It’s good to re-use! 🙂

For the small white flowers (little daisies?) I found mini Martinelli drinks and I loved the green glass.  It ended up being a win-win because my family got to drink the drinks and we got cool vases out of the deal for the event!  I put 2 of these together on the table so we had 10 total.

The dollar store is your friend!  I got the copper vases, Spanish moss, twine and floral foam there along with the Martinelli drinks for the green vases.

I got the mason jars from Target, flowers from Joann Crafts and the applesauce jars from the grocery store.

I made the wood vases with wood I already had.
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